Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Many, Many Years Later...

Isn't it crazy how two books can be exactly the same length, but one of them spans two weeks while the other spans two years?  Or even longer?  It all depends on the genre, the plot, the author's way of writing, etc.  Considering this, I have compiled four books that are all very different, but still have at least one thing in common.  In the beginning of the story, the main character (along with some side characters like a sister or close friend) are little kids.  By the end, though, they are adults - or at least older teens.  Years have gone by, and we have been with them through pretty much everything they've experienced!  There's something special about books that take you through so many years.  Something very special indeed...

"Listen to the Moon" by Michael Morpurgo

It's a normal fishing day for Alfie and his father.  That is, until they find a little girl stranded on an uninhabited island. Something terrible has happened to her, they can tell - her condition calls for immediate medical attention.  But what's even stranger is that the only thing she can say is "Lucy."  Alfie, his family, and most of their small town (the news spreads to nearly everyone) get caught up in the mystery of where this Lucy has come from and how she ended up on that island all alone.  This is a historical fiction is set in the time of World War I.  Humorous, gripping, and with a powerful conclusion, it is not to be missed!  

"The Looking Glass Wars" by Frank Beddor

This one is what some like to call a "fractured fairy tale."  We're talking a dark twist on Alice in Wonderland, and in fact, my next book review (coming in early December) will be taking a more detailed look at the awesomeness it contains.  For now, know that The Looking Glass Wars is about a girl named Alyss - not Alice - who is the princess of Wonderland.  Her aunt Redd wants nothing more than to kill her and her parents the king and queen, and when she finally launches an attack, Alyss is forced to flee from certain death and jump into the Pool of Tears, a portal that dumps her right smack in the middle of Victorian London.  It is a world very unlike her own...

"Alone Yet Not Alone" by Tracy Leininger Craven

This one is extremely short, so it might come as surprising to you that it spans so many years.  Somehow, though, it worked, and I can proudly say that this adventure is a permanent resident of my bookshelf. (Eventually, I'll be talking about my bookshelf and the books it contains, which is a small amount, considering that I am a rare species of bibliomanic: Cheapskate.) But anyway, this short book is a historical fiction, as well as Listen to the Moon.  It is about a girl named Barbara, and these are only some of the horrible things that happen to her as the plot unfolds: her father and brother are killed by Indians, she and her sister are captured by Indians, and then she and her sister are separated.  Still, I would highly recommend it to you!

"Better to Wish" by Ann M. Martin

This is the first of a four-book series called the Family Tree.  Or, more accurately, it is a four-generation series.  Abby Nichols, the main character in Better to Wish, is the mother of the main character in the next book, The Long Way Home.  Then she is the grandmother of the main character in the third one, and the great-grandmother of the girl in the fourth.  In each chapter, starting at about eight and ending somewhere around the college years, you skip ahead to usually the next year in the girl's life.  This first book is really touching, and the way you see Abby's life zoom by so quickly is both overwhelmingly heartbreaking and heartwarmingly beautiful.  Her brother Fred... Oh, I think I'm going to cry!  You'll have to read it yourself to know what I'm talking about.  

Pick these up from your local library or bookstore and prepare to be swept through years and years that feel like eons and eons.  No joke.

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