Friday, December 2, 2016

Ascendant Awesomeness - Part 2

WARNING:  Do not proceed any further until or unless you have read The False Prince by Jennifer A. Nielsen.  When talking about the next two books in the trilogy, spoilers from the first are practically unavoidable!

I know.  If you have not read said book, the warning above probably pressured you, stressed you out, or filled you with a temptation to rebelliously continue on.  But I'm not trying to pressure you, so if you want to rebel, I say go ahead.  I'm just being fair and providing a warning for those who hate spoilers as much as I do.

Now let's get fangirling!  I almost decided to center today's post around book two as a whole, but since so much in The Runaway King deserves a significant amount of fangirling, I don't want to pressure you with a super long post as well as with a stressful warning.  Not when it is probably going to end up super long anyway.

So, instead, this small portion of my blog is going to be a tribute to the main character of The Ascendance Trilogy, orphan Sage.  Hopefully, though, you have read The False Prince, and so you know that Sage is actually Prince Jaron Eckbert III.  Excuse me - King Jaron Eckbert III.

Oh, Jaron.  When I first read the series, I was in a fandom all my own.  Well, all except for one other die-hard Ascendance Trilogy fan who had read The False Prince about a dozen times already, and who I am forever indebted to for introducing me to the series.  It was a cozy fandom, but I felt that more people needed to hear about this fascinatingly funny character.  So I resolved to spread the fandom to my bookworm friends, and after much pleading and insisting, they finally picked up the first book... and fell in love.  Just like I knew they would.  Person by person, the fandom grew, until there were plenty of people eager to obsess over Jaron.

But what is it about this Jaron person that makes him such an amazing character? Hopefully you already know, since hopefully you have read at least the first book in the trilogy.  But it's always nice to read about him again, isn't it?  Who else has wished in the far recesses of their heart that he would jump out as a real life person just to say hi to each one of his dedicated fans?  There are other characters that I wish would jump out too, of course, but Jaron is one of my favorites!

Here is a list of some of the totally awesome things that Jaron does and/or says throughout all three of The Ascendance Trilogy books!

1.  Steals a roast from a butcher's shop, racing through the streets while cleavers whistle past his ears (such awesomenessssss)

2.  Tries riding a wild horse just to annoy Cregan, but the horse is too much for him to handle and he ends up dumped from the saddle in a creek in the middle of the woods (his defiance!!!!  So fiery)

3.  Tells Tobias that if he kills him in the tunnel, he'll scream and wake up Princess Amarinda (hilarious even in the midst of danger - and by the way, more about Amarinda is coming in a later post)

4.  Grows attached to the gold that his father gave him and flat-out refuses to give it back to Connor ("Isn't it in the drawer where you left it?"  Yaaaasss.)

5.  The fight with Roden towards the end of book 1 (so clever, so intense, so AWESOME)

6.  When he sends Imogen away to protect her (even though you know deep down that she has to come back into the picture sometime - more about Imogen coming soon...)

7.  Fighting all those battles... Jaron is the best king ever, am I right?

8.  THE PIRATES: how he blended in with them (there are simply no words)

9.  The way he didn't even care about his own life after that arrow... well, if you haven't read The Shadow Throne, I'd better not say.  (the feels!!!!)

10.  What confuses me the most about Jaron: he's so stupid, and yet he's so clever. It's amazing how Jennifer A. Nielsen managed to make him both.  Stupid as in insulting other kings to their faces.  Clever as in that he's a wise, strategic king who knows what he's doing when it comes to war and protecting those he cares about.

Probably my all-time favorite thing that Jaron did, from all three books, was in The Runaway King, when he climbed up the side of a cliff with a BROKEN LEG.  I mean, who else can do that?!  He's determined, Jaron is.  When he sets his mind on something, nothing and no one can stop him.

What do you think of as the coolest thing Jaron did?  I would love for you to tell me in the comments!

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