Thursday, December 15, 2016

Pros and Cons of a Writer's Addiction to Pinterest

16k pins and counting?  A major accomplishment, though of course you won't be happy until you reach 17k, then 18k, then 19k, and so on and so forth.  What am I illustrating here?  Clearly, an addiction to Pinterest.  We all know that the biggest lie you can tell yourself upon tapping that "P" symbol with your fingertip is, Just a few pins.  Deny it all you want - those few pins always morph into about a thousand jillion.  Specifically for writers, however, there are several benefits to being a frequent visitor of the Pinterest app that you shouldn't be ignorant about.

The Cons:

I feel guilty whenever I realize that I'm wasting time.  If Pinterest is the culprit (and believe me, it is not the only thing), then it's like: CURSE YOU, PINTEREST.  I mean, we writers are always struggling with actually sitting down and writing, but being a loyal Pinterest user only adds to the list - the "What I Often End Up Doing Instead Of Writing" list. I have one, and so do you.  Thus, since hopefully you are writer who really truly wants to write, wouldn't it be better if you didn't go on Pinterest at all?

Well, don't forget that there are advantages too.

The Pros:

1.  Writing Prompts

Pinterest is chock-full of writing prompts, dialogue prompts, and story starters.  Ranging from futuristic to fantasy, almost every one that I've seen when browsing through my home feed has been a very cool, very original idea that seems to set off a little spark of inspiration in my brain.

2.  Character Inspiration

If you're looking for a face to match the vivid character in your head, or trying to find the perfect look for the unique personality you've created, then you should turn to Pinterest. There are hundreds and hundreds of faces there, so chances are good that you'll find one that feels right.  It didn't take me long to find pictures of each one of the characters in my novel-in-progress.  Believe it or not, but they fit almost perfectly with how I imagine them!

3.  Articles

So many topics, so many helpful tips.  Here are a few of the writing articles (among countless) that I've come across, read, and gawked at for their utter brilliancy:

Is Your Character Unforgettable?
Story Plots: How to be Original in Seven Tips
7 Absolutely Essential Tips for Writing Sarcastically

That last one is especially awesome.

4.  Encouragement

Tempted to give up?  Worried that your writing is nothing but garbage?  Crushed by writer's block?  Let me make this clear - you're not alone.  Every single writer struggles with these things!  All the time!  It's not a matter of getting rid of them forever, because that's impossible.  Being a writer will always be difficult.  It's a matter of either weaving around those obstacles or tackling them like a quarterback.  And Pinterest has just as much encouragement - including quotes from well-known authors - as it has articles, character inspiration, and writing prompts.

If you can learn the self-control, it's a good idea for you to be on Pinterest.  Just make sure you're actually writing, and that you don't get too addicted.  The title of this post was a little extreme, to be honest.  No addiction is healthy, with no exceptions.  But this social media site is indeed a vast catalog of ideas, many of which we writers should eat up like it's our last meal.  After all, you never know when one of them will come in handy.  

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