Wednesday, December 21, 2016

What's Gonna Work? Teamwork!

I have three books to recommend to you today, their theme being "teamwork."  To elaborate, each one begins with a group of teens who end up in a situation requiring them all to work together.  At first they aren't good friends (or not even friends, or not even friendly), and they don't know each other very well, with a few exceptions (like how Ostin, Michael, and Taylor know each other in The Prisoner of Cell 25).  But by the end, they are an inseparable team, ready to face whatever awaits them in the books to come.

"The Prisoner of Cell 25" by Richard Paul Evans

Michael Vey has been hiding his electrical powers from the world for years.  Then everything changes when he discovers that there are other teens with similar powers, and when his mother is kidnapped by an organization called the Elgen. Led by Dr. Hatch, the Elgen have been looking for the last few "electric kids" for quite some time.  But in the end, it's Michael and his friends who come to them.  And not to give themselves up.  

"Disney After Dark" by Ridley Pearson

Finn Whitman, along with four other teens, has been hired as a park guide for Disney World.  He's like a celebrity now, but what's even more extraordinary is that at night, he and the other kids appear in the park, after hours, as their hologram projections.  Why?  The Disney characters can come alive! Heroes... and villains.  Led by Maleficent, there's been an uprising in the park, and if Finn and the others can't stop it, all kinds of evil creatures will unleash themselves into the outside world.

"The Maze Runner" by James Dashner

Thomas doesn't remember anything about his life except his name.  He wakes up in a lift that raises him into the Glade, an area surrounded by huge stone walls.  As he soon learns, these walls create a complicated maze that moves around every night.  Impossible to figure out, right?  But the other boys explain to Thomas that they're trying their hardest, that it may be the only way out of the Glade... until a girl is brought through the lift bearing a terrifying message.

Wow!  As I was writing these, I noticed more similarities between their plots than just teamwork :D  Anyway, these books are all the first in a series, so be prepared to get swept up into three new fandoms!

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