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"I'd Tell You I Love You but Then I'd Have to Kill You" by Ally Carter

Published by Hyperion
Released on April 25, 2006

Everyone thinks that the Gallagher Academy for Exceptional Young Women is your average Academy for Snotty (and Sometimes Genius) Rich Girls.  They would be wrong.  Many of the students are indeed geniuses, and some are indeed rich, but what the world doesn't know is that this is a spy school.  At lunchtime, everyone is required to make small talk in a different language every day.  One of the higher-up classes is Covert Operations.  Students learn about chemical warfare in science.  And I'm sure you'll guess that PE is mainly martial arts.

Cammie Morgan is one of these exceptional young women.  She knows about the secret passageways built into the academy, and also how to kill a man in seven different ways. What she doesn't know about is boys.  So when an ordinary guy comes into her life thinking she is an ordinary girl, Cammie finds herself up against her biggest spy challenge yet.

INGREDIENTS:  a cross necklace, "Get good or get dead," a gazebo, the Operatives, and a cat named Suzie

MAIN CHARACTER:  Cammie is a fun character, made even more fun by her spy-girl abilities.  Her sense of humor is as exceptional as the school, and she could probably kill someone with nothing but an empty soda can.  When she first meets Josh, the aforementioned "ordinary boy," she's awkward and clueless as to how she should talk to him.  Which was a little bit surprising at first.  I mean, if she could kill him with nothing but an empty soda can, wouldn't she be far more confident around him?  It kills the cliché of tough-nut spies.  Cammie may be smarter and more physically capable than most teenage girls, but she's still kinda awkward.  A nice change.

THEMES:  Secrets; honesty; remaining loyal to your friends no matter what

WHAT I DIDN'T LIKE:  Okay, so there's this one new teacher whom all the girls are totally in love with, and he's often referred to as "sexy" and "hot."  Their infatuation (Cammie included) was slightly annoying.  He is cool, though, and admittedly as cute as a man in his thirties can be.      

WHAT I LOVED:  The unwavering friendship between Cammie and her two besties, Liz and Bex.  Together, they break into Josh's house when he and his family are out and later hack their way to his Internet activity, all to figure out whether he's a "honeypot" or actually reliable.  Okay, it sounds bad, but it's not like anything in this book was that serious.  Whatever you do, don't expect it be realistic, because you will be disappointed. Also, when Bex's dad is MIA, Cammie worries about him and about what Bex's reaction would be if he stayed missing and they had to tell her.  That especially brought out just how close they are to one another.  

RECOMMENDED:  I would recommend the first book in the Gallagher Girls series to anyone who likes...
                                 1) spy books
                                 2) an unrealistic (and kinda silly) read
                                 3) cute romance that never gets gross (hallelujah!)  

"...I know all the trash cans in town, and while this is a very nice trash can, it doesn't look like the kind of trash can a girl like you would normally scavenge from... Now, the trash cans on Seventh Street, those are some very nice trash cans."  ~ Josh

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