Saturday, January 7, 2017

Notebook or Computer: How Should You Write?

There are many ways to get your first draft written, and when you're finally done with it, you can revise in a totally different way.  There are several options to choose from, and while you should probably stick to the form you begin with, changing it up partway through is always allowed!

The most popular way is by computer, with notebook running a pitiful second and recording an even more pitiful third.  The question is: How should you decide which one works best for you?


Why you should use it:

1.    I use a computer ;D
2.  You can write FAST (if you're a good typer, that is).
3.  So many cool features - different font types, colors, and sizes - plus you can adjust the line-spacing.

Why you should NOT use it:

1.  There is the temptation of Internet.
2. Staring at a screen for a long time isn't healthy for your eyes (mine must really hate me).
3.  Laptops are portable, but certainly no fun to lug around.


Why you should use it:

1.  (concerning first drafts) Unlike with computers, it's easier not to go back and revise when you're supposed to just move on.  That's how first drafts work, after all.
2.  Easily portable - lightweight and doesn't need charging.
3.  You can stare at it for hours on end, and your eyes would be fine (mine would appreciate that, but too bad cuz I like using my computer :D)
4.  Great for writing notes and ideas in the margins (such a beautiful mess, the inside of a notebook) 

Why you should NOT use it:

1.   Wanna write fast?  Prepare for sloppy handwriting and painful hand cramps.  Yay!
2.  Usually, you're going to write slower than if you type.  Which means slower progress.
3.  Depending on how messy, it may actually turn out the opposite of beautiful.  You'll end up with lots of scribbles and cross-outs, an excess of which will make your work look like garbage.


I've never tried this method, since I don't have a good recorder, but I can see plenty of advantages!  To name a couple, you can "write" while you're driving, and it's even harder than with the Notebook Method to go back and edit.  Some disadvantages would be that since you're just speaking, the quality of your first draft may be poorer than if you were using the Computer Method or Notebook Method.  And we all know how mediocrity stings.  Also, once you've finished the draft, you'll have to write it all down.  I don't know if I'll ever try recording, but I'll be sure to keep it stored in the recesses of my mind as a mere possibility.

Take a closer look at these pros and cons.  Which pros would benefit you the most, or that sound the most fun?  Which cons would annoy you or discourage you the most?  Consider each method carefully before settling on the one you will use to bring to life the wonderful story inside your head.

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