Monday, January 2, 2017

Unfinished Adventures #1

Whereas I like to consider myself a very careful, very discerning reader, there will be more than a few instances when I begin reading a novel, certain that it will be a wonderful, un-put-down-able adventure, but then - despite my confidence - turns out pretty much the opposite.  How in the world do I end up like this, you ask.  There are two main reasons:

1.  I didn't bother to look up reviews on sites such as Plugged In (completely reliable) and Common Sense Media (somewhat reliable).


2.  The reviews were misleading.

Reviewing books that I love is awesome, but I also don't want to be shy about discussing "eh" books, or downright terrible books, and that's what I plan to do with this "Unfinished Adventure" series - adventures that I never finished, to clarify.  I just couldn't.  Either my conscience wouldn't let me, or it was fine and I just didn't like it.

To kick off this series, let's talk about Dangerous by Shannon Hale.

It looked enormously cool, and the beginning was great.  Maisie, the main character, is accepted to a NASA-like boot camp where she'll learn a bunch of awesome space stuff and most likely embark on an astronaut mission. Her middle name is literally Danger, and let me just say... she was a wonderful character, with potential to become one of my favorites.

Until she met Wilder, that is.  The jerk ruined everything - not just my appreciation of Maisie, but my appreciation of the entire book.  Like, once the romance set in, it became the ultimate priority.  Above the action, above the plot.  Above everything.  It got pretty bad, too.  My conscience and my taste tossed this one out the window.  And it had such promise!

I was immensely disappointed, and when I flipped to the last page just to see how Hale wrapped it all up - well, I guess I won't spoil it.

Now, I'm not trying to crush the author's reputation.  I've never read The Goose Girl, but I've heard it's really good, and it looks really good.  Princess Academy was actually a cozy read, despite our book club rating in the previous post.  This one just went far below my expectations.

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