Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Ascendant Awesomeness - Part 3

It's been a while since my last Ascendance Trilogy fangirling session, mainly because I've had other things to talk about.  But the promised news - coming any day now - about a possible movie based on The False Prince, has reignited my unwavering passion for all things Carthya.  Again, if you have not read all of The Ascendance Trilogy books by Jennifer A. Nielsen, mountains of *spoilers* await you in this post!  Put the books on your waiting list and prepare for awesomeness!  Here are the covers of the second and third ones.

Today I want to talk about the two most important female characters in the trilogy - Imogen and Amarinda.  They're pretty much complete opposites, if you think about it. One is a princess, the other a servant.  One is publicly betrothed to Jaron, though they aren't in love, and the other is a little-known girl who really is in love but hides it.  He, in turn, is in love with her.  Unfortunately, the nuisance betrothal forms a wall between them.
Talk about a complicated love story.


We know from Jaron's beautiful descriptions (well, technically the author's, but you know what I mean) that she has tea-colored eyes and long brown hair.  She's also described as being "plain," which some take to mean "not that pretty."  Does that, in turn, mean average appearance?  But what does average appearance mean???  What interpret plain to mean is "beautiful, but not knock-out gorgeous like, say, Amarinda."  She's a tame, gentle kind of pretty, which is exactly the type of beauty I would match with Jaron. Not to say that he determines who he loves by their looks - just stating an opinion.

His relationship with Imogen seems to be based on the quote "opposites attract."  Jaron is sarcastic all the time, Imogen is serious all the time (one of the few things about her that annoys me - I don't think she laughed once throughout the entire series.  Smiled, sure, but never laughed.)  Like Jaron, though, she's clever.  Two instances in The Runaway King express this fact clearly:

At the pirate camp, where a lot of clever events took place, Imogen had gotten there before Jaron and was accepted as a kitchen servant by the pirates.  Honestly, I can't remember whether she started before or after he arrived, but at one point she started burying knives for him and then planting flowers over them so no one would get suspicious.  Didn't the pirates start calling her the flower girl?  Turns out, the knives proved useful for Jaron.

The second incident was when Jaron first saw Imogen at the camp and freaked out because he wasn't exactly expecting her to be there.  He gaped at her from his cell, and then when she left carrying a pail of water, he climbed up to the barred window to stare some more.  Suddenly she turned and, pretending to be angry that he was gawking at her, tossed the water in his face.  It wasn't long before Jaron realized that there had been a pin in that pail.  She had given him an escape route.

Then the love really comes out in The Shadow Throne, as you know.  First that arrow (noooooooo!), then Jaron's resulting heartbreak (noooooooo!), then finding her alive in that cell (yaaaaaaaay!)  Seriously, though, THE EMOTIONS.  When she finally admitted to being in love with him!!!! Jaron, there hasn't been a moment since we met when I haven't been in love with you.

I just have one question.  Why does so much happen in prison cells?


Now we come to the dazzlingly gorgeous princess Amarinda.  So delicate, so graceful, so soft-handed (have you noticed that Jaron mentions how soft her hand is almost every time he holds it???)  I have to say that I don't like her very much, and since I don't like Tobias either, they make a good match.  However, I will commend her for her insistence to be involved when everyone else is saying that she needs to stay well away from danger.  It's a common thing, I've noticed, for the "fragile" or too-important-to-die girl character to resist being treated like she's fragile or too important to die.  Whatever the case, Amarinda is a good character with a charming personality - her soft-handedness just isn't my thing.  I prefer female characters who are tough inside and out.

The False Prince being adapted for film has sent all of us Ascendance Trilogy fans on the hunt for the perfect cast.  Of course, doing this will bring nothing but disappointment when the people in charge of the actual casting choose less-than-perfect actors.  But still.

Here are the two actresses I think would be perfect for Imogen and Amarinda!

Imogen - Ryan Newman
Amarinda - Abigail Breslin

Who do you think would be the best actresses for the movie?  I would love to know how you picture them!

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