Monday, April 24, 2017

Story of My Life #1 - One of My Earliest Memories

Me:  This is a writing blog, a book blog.

Me:  How can I improve it?  There's always room for improvement.

Me:  Hm.  Well, it's fun to show the bookish/writerly part of me, but maybe I should show my readers a little bit of the "life" side of me.

Reading and writing are really fun, and one of my biggest dreams is to be a published author.  But I want you guys to know me a little better, to know the me that's out in the real world, not just the me within the confines of my room, stuck in the pages of a book or typing away on a laptop.  

I want to start a new series.  Its posts will probably pop up every other week, though I can be inconsistent a lot, so that might not happen :D  Also, they'll be brief (I hope), so don't worry about lengthy posts in which I ramble on and on about myself.  Like, some of them are going to be really short.

Anyway, for this first Story of My Life post, I'm super excited to share with you one of my very earliest memories.  *presses one hand to heart*  This is sooooo precious, guys!!  One of my very earliest memories is of anticipating my baby sister's coming, and then meeting her for the first time!


My mom took me to the doctor with her, and I remember playing toy animals with my other sister in a carpeted waiting room.  A faded yet still pretty vivid experience (this was a really long time ago), I got to hear my unborn sister making noise, through that cool instrument that picks up on sound from within the womb.  It fascinated me, and I recall wondering why it didn't sound that much like a baby.  It was more like crackly static.

While my sister was pushing her way out into the world, I stayed at a friend's house, and during the ride back home, my friend's mom had to keep reminding me of my new sister's name, which I'd practically just been told.  (My parents have always been one to wait until they see their child to name him or her.)  The name was completely foreign to me, even though it's not that unusual.  It took me a while to get comfortable with it.

And holding her little hand!  I remember walking into my parents' room to where my mom was sitting on the bed, seeing that tiny bundle that was a new part of the family.  I don't recall my exact feelings about that - all I remember is marveling at her strong grip as I wormed my finger into her hand.  Oh, and that I was wearing a yellow play dress.  A very important detail :D


Wow, I just love memories!  And I can't wait to share the next one with you - an embarrassing memory rather than a precious one.  It involves... an egg.

And speaking of upcoming posts, next up is my second WIP Update, in which I'll interview my main character!  Other stuff I have planned:

1)  the damaging effects of having a hopeless crush on one of your own characters (coughpeterpancough)
2)  a monthly recap
3)  what bookworms dream/fantasize about... can you relate?

Please note that they may not be posted in that order.

What are your experiences with baby siblings coming along?  What's your earliest memory (or one of them)?  I would love to know!     

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