Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Monthly Overview - May 2017

As I promised, here's the recap post!  You know, I realized last month that I was using "Bookishness" and "Writerly Things," which is exactly what Savannah @ Scattered Scribblings uses!  When her wrap-up post for April appeared in my inbox, I was so surprised at the coincidence.  Perhaps we're kindred spirits...

Anyway, that was just my opportunity to mention Savannah's blog so you can go check it out.  It's one of my favorites!

But onto the post.  I changed my set-up so it won't look like I'm a copy-cat :D

Books I Devoured

1.  The Siege of Macindaw by John Flanagan ~~  Read my review here.  In short, it was wonderful.

2.  Only the Good Spy Young by Ally Carter ~~ Revealed secrets made me hyperventilate, Zachary Goode made my heart leap, and that cliffhanger made me itch for the next Gallagher Girls installment!

3.  Cress by Marissa Meyer ~~  No words.  Just... no words.  If I don't keep firm control over my fingers, I'll start typing fangirl gibberish so fast, the keyboard will start smoking.  Cress. Was.  AMAZING.

4.  The Serpent's Shadow by Rick Riordan ~~ The whole thing with Anubis and Walt was pretty weird, but overall I loved how Riordan wrapped up Carter's and Sadie's adventures.

5.  Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie ~~ This is my all-time favorite classic and, mind you, not the first time I've read it.  You gotta love the cocky boy who won't grow up!

5.  Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz ~~  It's our book club book!  For my next post, I'll be talking about our meeting and the different opinions of the book club members.

6.  The Isle of the Lost by Melissa de la Cruz ~~ It was a fun read, but I wouldn't be planning on reading the sequel if the author hadn't provided such a cliffhanger!  So yeah, I'll be reading the next one.  Cliffhangers will do that to a person...

A sample of my June TBR:  The Lord of the Rings trilogy.  You're going to think I'm crazy, but I haven't even read this series yet.  And I'm a big fantasy fan, too!  But hey, at least I've read The Hobbit.

Words I Wrote

Some of you know that I was supposed to start editing my novel at the beginning of the month.  And I kind of did.  Why do I say "kind of"?  Because I didn't even touch the manuscript until a few days ago.  You see, I was caught up in backstories, becoming familiar with my main character's past.  It's been so helpful and fun, in fact, that I plan on typing up some for a few of my side characters later on.  They all have such interesting pasts *hugs them*

Anyway, I finally pulled up my actual novel and rewrote my first chapter.  Excerpts will come in a later post, but if you haven't seen the interview with my main character, Red, you can read it here.

Favorite Songs

Here are a few of the songs I have listened to countless times this month :D

1.  "Look How He Lifted Me" by Elevation Worship  ~~ If you love worship music, I would strongly recommend listening to this.

2.  "O'Lord" by Lauren Daigle ~~ It's by Lauren Daigle?  Then of course it's amazing!

3.  "Terrarium" by Color Therapy ~~ Something about this instrumental really grips my heart.  I can't explain it.  All I can say is that it stirs some kind of emotion inside of me.

If you listen to any of them, tell me what you thought in the comments below!

Other Corners of the Blogosphere

Shivers tingle up my spine at the cleverness of this evil post by Hope @ The Reader Addict. (so what if she posted it in April?  I just couldn't not share it!)

I died laughing while reading this relateable post by Cait @ Paper Fury.

My heart swelled with emotion upon reading this Memorial Day short story by Faith @ Stories by Firefly!

My Relationship With Jesus

Beyond books and beyond writing, I love to spend time with Jesus.  Sometimes I'll stop what I'm doing and just think about how trustworthy He is.  And that's a lot of what I've been learning this month - to trust Him with everything, from the little things to the big things.  I trusted Him with a soccer game, and He didn't fail me!  I trust Him on a daily basis simply to help with the day, and He gives me the strength I need.  Every.  Single. Time.

I wonder what He'll show me in June!

P.S.  How do you like what I did to this blog?  I personally consider it more professional-looking, but I would love some of your feedback!

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