Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Fantasizing Bookworm - 4 Impossible Scenarios

I know, it's been a while.  But no matter how bad it looks, I have not been subject to procrastination or a blogging slump.  *sniffs defensively*  I have been out of town, and WiFi was difficult to get.  Besides, I've been too busy to blog.  Sure, I've had leisure time, but that time was spent tackling 550 pages of Cress by Marissa Meyer, an un-put-down-able adventure.  I can barely contain my squeals for the overall awesomeness of The Lunar Chronicles so far!!

But onto the post.

Bookworms do a lot of fantasizing.  They daydream about all kinds of bookish things that are 100% certain never, ever to happen (depending on the scenario, you may end up with a lucky 99%).  How do I know?  Because I'm one of them.  And what's the point of dwelling on such hopelessly out-of-reach scenarios?  Because it's fun!  Have you ever fantasized your way through scenarios generally the same as any of these four?

1.  Library Lock-In

You carry a flashlight and compact sleeping bag in your backpack.  The large library is quiet, all the noisy children driven home by their parents.  A few nerds linger in the last minutes before closing, scattered sparsely throughout the shelves.  You find the young adult section and curl up in the carpeted corner, waiting.  At last, the library's lights flicker off.  No one has caught you.  The darkness envelops you so completely that you can't see your hand held inches from your face, let alone the surrounding shelves.  Fumbling in your backpack, you withdraw the flashlight and click it on.  Unrolling the sleeping bag in the middle of the aisle, you leave the young adult section behind and begin your stroll through the building, your small round light crawling over the rows of books.  There are no librarians around, no visitors.  It's just you... and the books.  In the middle of the night.

Oh, how the thought sends a shiver down my spine!  Really, though, it's nothing special. I'd just be viewing the library in a new light (literally).  But it would be awesome to spend the night in the library, don't you think?

2.  Unexpected Visitor

So far, it's been a normal day of school/work/whatever.  You're home alone.  Suddenly, someone rings the doorbell, the cheerful sound making you jump.  Creeping cautiously to the door, you crack it open.  And there.  He.  Stands.  It's Prince Jaron (from The Ascendance Trilogy), or Emperor Kai (from The Lunar Chronicles), or Percy Jackson (it's obvious where he's from), or Michael Vey (from, uh, Michael Vey)!!!  When I slip into this fantasy, the visitor is usually a fictional crush, but it would awesome to have Cinder or Annabeth or any other admired female character, main or side, come hang out for a while too.  It would be awesome to befriend them, wouldn't it?  I mean, you pretty much already know them.  Heck, why not have them all over for dinner!  But think of the one you most want to unexpectedly knock on your door.  In the flesh.  In person.  Now imagine him or her smiling and saying, "Hey, there."

3.  A Character Yourself

You open the book and travel through it into the world it contains.  Take Cinder, for example.  (I'm all over The Lunar Chronicles at the moment.)  As real as you sitting in front of your computer right now, you would be in the world of this futuristic Earth, joining with Cinder and Peony and Iko, Scarlet and Wolf and Thorne and Cress.  The best part, for me, is imagining myself having conversations with them. For real talking with these wonderful characters, and they addressing me by my name?  If only!  I also love modifying the story so that I'm an important character.  An addition, yes, but just as involved.  I could be Scarlet's sister or a special operative like Wolf, only female.  I could be another cyborg, with different features than Cinder's, though just as cool.  I could even be evil - a thaumaturge serving Queen Levana.

If you've never read The Lunar Chronicles... well, two things.  1) You still understand what I'm saying, right?  You get the gist of it?  2) Go get Cinder and don't come back until you've read it.  

4.  Big Screen

This time, we're not looking at an impossible scenario.  And you can definitely relate.  You look up actors and actresses until you find the perfect ones.  There's no way the producers would ever choose anyone else, right?  Not when you've already picked out the best cast! You close your eyes and imagine the visual, the sound effects, the action scenes.  When reading, we imagine all that in the mind's eye, but an actual visual is very, very different. After witnessing the awesomeness of those things in The Maze​ Runner, Divergent, and The Hunger Games, I want more. I want Ascendance Trilogy, I want Lunar Chronicles, etc.  And if at all possible, follow the book exactly.  We're talking everything that is said and done on every single page.  Yes, that would be an excruciatingly long movie, but I want it.  You want it.  We just need to find some "movie people" who are willing to go to all that trouble just to satisfy our fangirlness :D  And that is where the impossible aspect of this fantasy comes in.

Because we let ourselves get carried away by things that will never happen, real life hits hard sometimes.  Still, we'll continue doing it for the enjoyment.  Lost in our fantasizing, we may someday never find our way back to reality.

What are some bookish fantasies you tend to slip into?

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