Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Beautiful People ~ July Edition

That's right, folks.  It's Beautiful People time!  It's fitting that they would do an author writing process questionnaire, to kick off what I hope is my dedication to the Beautiful People link-up.  I won't promise that I'll be participating every month, though, because who knows what might come up to hinder that?

Anyway, I'll link to Sky's and Cait's blogs again: here and here, respectively.  They're the hostesses of Beautiful People, and they're awesome.  If you haven't already done this fun July edition, then what are you waiting for? :D  

In the meantime, enjoy learning about the writer.  You know, me.

1.  How do you decide which project to work on?

Guess what?  I have control over the plot bunnies!  *locks bunny cage*  They're not getting out.  So I don't have to decide, because I'm only working on one project right now.

2.  How long does it usually take you to finish a project?

I'm going to interpret "project" as meaning "first draft," since I've never finished editing a novel before. Dusted Red is the only first draft of a novel-length story that I've written, and it took me about a year.  I'm trying to write faster, though - I often worry that I'm a tortoise writer who needs to pick up the pace.  

It took me from April 2016 (maybe March - I didn't record it) to April 2017.  The word count was a little over 100,000.      
3.  Do you have any routines to put you in the writing mood?

Listening to instrumentals while I write draws me into the story more than if all I hear is the tapping of the keys on the keyboard, so I'll go with that.  I do sometimes prefer the quiet, though.    
4.  What time of day do you write best?

Afternoon and evening.  I never write early in the morning (I set that aside for Bible-reading and breakfast) or late at night.  I'd be far too tired to get my creative juices flowing, and also... did you know that it's a good idea to turn off all devices at least an hour before going to bed because your body reacts to the light from the screen as if it were sunlight, so it thinks it should be awake, which makes it harder to fall asleep?  (Sorry, that was a mouthful.)

I have a teensy bit of insomnia, anyway, so I try to stick to this rule.
5.  Are there any authors you think you have a similar style to?

Oh, wow, that's a hard question.  *puts thinking cap on*  Okay, so I just flipped through my copy of The Shadow Throne by Jennifer A. Nielsen, and when I really think about it, my writing style might be kinda sorta similar to hers.  A teeny-tiny bit, perhaps.

But I might just be a blind fan viewing everything wrong :D           
6.  Why did you start writing, and why do you keep writing?

I started writing because I wanted to, and I keep writing because I love it.

That's the more boring answer :D  The less boring answer?  I started writing because one day, all of a sudden, all these ideas came leaping into my brain, and I just HAD to write them.  My memory was a little vague-ish back at age 10, but not too bad. I remember the day I started writing, the day something clicked inside me and I realized how much I love inventing stories.  God must have put that love there.

Which leads me to the second question: why do I keep doing it?  Because God has used my writing before, and I know He will continue to do so.  It's always incredibly fun to be part of what God is doing, so I don't want to give up on the endless opportunities. No way.

7.  What’s the hardest thing you’ve written?

The hardest thing for me to write is full-fledged romance.  Not fantasy with a smidgen of romance - I think I'm okay at that.  (At least, a few of the only people who's ever seen the first draft of Dusted Red thought it was good.)  JUST romance.  I think I've attempted to write two romance stories, and the results will never see the light of day again.  I can promise you that.  In fact, I might built a bonfire in my backyard and burn them to ashes.

8.  Is there a project you want to tackle someday but you don’t feel ready yet?

Yes.  I would like to try my hand at a contemporary Christian YA book that focuses 100% on relationship with God.  I've already had lots of great experiences with God since I surrendered to Him, but I don't want to try yet because I feel like I'm not ready.  I want to enjoy at least a few more years of spiritual growth.  One day - perhaps years from now, if the Lord tarries - the story will solidify and be ready to bloom on the page.  Just not yet :)  

9.  What writing goals did you make for 2017 and how are they going?

I don't have specific goals, but generally, I want to finish my rewrite of Dusted Red, edit the glaring problems, and then share it with some family members and friends to get their feedback while I continue editing.  As long as I get it sent to those select few by December 31, I'll be satisfied.

10.  Describe your writing process in 3 words or a gif!

Cacchination ~ Procrastination ~ Headdesk 


  1. I love reading the posts for this link up! One day I'll join in myself. :)

    But I enjoyed reading all of your answers!!!

    1. They're so much fun to read, and yes, once you're ready you should join!!
      Glad you liked knowing more about my writerliness! Now I'm excited to see what they cook up for August :D

  2. Don't worry about writing slow....I have WIPs that I actively work on that are over two years old and are barely 1000 words into what should be around 25-50k...

    Loved reading your answers!


    1. Okay, I'll try not to. I guess there's an advantage and a disadvantage, because even though my drafts take a while to finish, they're not as awful as they would be if I forced myself to write so fast it would be done in a month. Less time spent editing, perhaps.
      Glad you liked them! I wonder if you're going to do BP this month?? (I'll have to keep a look-out in case you do)

  3. When you said all these ideas came leaping into your brain, I thought of The Croods. Have you seen that movie? It is hilarious.

    I love your answers, especially for the last one. I think we can all relate to headdesk.

    Don't worry about slow writing. I've been writing my WIP for three years and I haven't finished it completely. I keep starting over, but not this time.


    1. Wait, you can control the plot bunnies? You might be one of the few writers who can do that. Good for you! :)

    2. The Croods is one of my faves! SO FUNNY! I love that part when he gets all the ideas :D
      Yeah, writing is so funstrating. (You like that word combo? I made it up!) And okay, I'll try. I just see all these other writers writing entire novels in 1-2 months and I'm just like, HOW? And why can't I do that...
      But you're right, I shouldn't worry. Every writer has their own pace.
      I know, right! I pretty much LOATHE the idea of getting caught up in a million projects. Somehow, I can do it :)

    3. Funstrating is the best word to describe writing.
      We all have different paces and we're all unique. Maybe start out where in different times of the day you do little word sprints, kind of like a word war, but with yourself.

      Another tip is to set aside the same time everyday to write. Just write in that time and do what you can. Some days will be better than others, but you'll get to the end goal when the time is right. :)

    4. Oh, wait, I didn't make that word up. *ducks head in embarrassment*
      YES, I should try more word sprints :) I did one once and it felt pretty good, even though it was hard. Thanks for the advice, Ivie! I really appreciate it!

  4. You have control over the plot bunnies? HOW? Teach me your ways lol. I... Have never completed a full draft of a novel before. I'm writing along, happy as can be, and then BAM. A new, shinier story idea flashes into my head, and that's that. I've only been seriously writing for about a year though, but seriously - I've started about four projects and haven't finished one. #oops

    Jennifer A. Nielsen is the best oh my goodness. If you have a similar writing style to her, that's pretty awesome!

    "Cacchination - Procrastination - Headdesk." I CAN RELATE. Also, the headdesk part made me laugh out loud. #relatable

    Great post!

    1. I will teach you my ways, young Jedi. I can manipulate the plot bunnies because I'm as powerful as a thaumaturge.

      It might be just a SMIDGEN like hers, but I'm not certain at all. She's my absolute favorite author ever, though!!!! Her Ascendance Trilogy is the most amazing series ever. BECAUSE JARON. And The Scourge was incredible, too! Did you read that one???

      You like that? :) I don't actually headdesk, but I feel like headdesking a lot!

    2. First of all, those references are awesome. *applauds*

      Her Ascendance trilogy is SO AMAZING! Jaron is one of my favorite characters of all time. I haven't read The Scourge yet, but I have it on my shelf, so I really don't have an excuse. (Oops)

      I don't headdesk either, but I know what you mean about wanting to. I do, however, facepalm.

  5. Don't worry about the speed at which you type; I am a slloooowwwww writer haha! Mind you, my books are usually over 100K too, so we have an excuse, don't we? :D

    Lovely post! <3

    1. MELISSA!! Hi, so glad to see you here! :D Thank you for the encouragement - I knew I wasn't the only slow writer, but I'm still encouraged! And yes, we have a decent excuse. Long books take a long time, people ;)

    2. LILA! :) I'm glad to be here. (I may have spent awhile trying to hunt your blog down...) XD Absolutely, the longer the book, the more time it takes!

  6. These answers are ALL SO RELATABLE. XD Minus the plot bunnies, how oh how do you manage them? *sobs* Those cruel little bunnies that gnaw on the brain and prevent the finishing of any book...

    I loved your post, the answers were really fun to read. :)
    I'll definitely have to check out Beautiful People for writers, seems like everyone is doing it.

    Anna - www.worldthroughherheart.blogspot.com

    1. That's cool! And I know, it's so crazy. I... have no clue how I manage it. Weird.

      Thanks, friend!!! :) And you should - it's loads of fun!

  7. Great blog!

    I would sincerely appreciate it if you checked out my book reviews blog at https://elsbookreviews.blogspot.ca/ and possibly give it a follow as well! Excited to read more of your posts!

    - El

    1. Welcome to my blog. Please, won't you sit down and make yourself comfortable? *fluffs a pillow for you*

      Also, I really like your blog, and left a comment! :D I have always enjoyed reading reviews, though my TBR doesn't always appreciate it, haha!

      Thank you so much!!! My next post is going to be a book review, actually :)


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