Tuesday, December 5, 2017

As You Can See, I'm On Hiatus

Hello, all! I am here to announce that I'm... in the middle of a hiatus. Many of you can already see that, of course, but I thought I'd better slip in a little note to say that I'm going to be absent from the blogosphere for the rest of December. At the beginning of January, I'll be returning with something huuuuuge to tell you! And to give you. JUST YOU WAIT. xD

I'm not going to be keeping up with most of the blogs I follow during this time, as I want to focus on editing the rest of my Rooglewood story and then kicking back and relaxing with books and family for the rest of Christmastime. I'm not going to be absent from my inbox, though, so if you need to tell me something or simply want to chat, feel free to do so! If you don't know my email, I've set up a contact form in the sidebar. :) 

Merry Christmas, my friends, and don't forget what the holiday is all about! Imagine, the perfect Son of God became an adorable infant, fully God and yet like any small child you've ever cuddled before.

Jesus became a baby for you.

The Lord's Truly,
Lila Kims <3 

Sunday, November 19, 2017

ROOGLEWOOD UPDATE // Beautiful Books + Brilliant Betas

It's been a while since I last talked about my Rooglewood entry, The Seven Huntresses. I'm at the editing stage now, and my story has meandered down a long, twisting road to get where it is. It's starting to look presentable, I do believe. xD Of course, my beta readers pepper the document with lots of things I failed to notice - things I can't wait to change so the story will be better. 

Oh, how I appreciate my betas! Sometimes their comments are hard to take, but I tell myself, "Gosh, Lila, they're only doing exactly what you've recruited them to do!" and then I'm smiling again.  You know who you are - I appreciate your feedback so much, and even if the story doesn't win, just know that you have been a great help and blessing to me. <3

Now, for Beautiful Books! I was going to do this month's set of questions, buuuuut they're kind of boring compared to last month's, so despite the link-up being closed, I'm going to do October's BB edition to let you in on more of my story. xD The questions were created by Cait and Sky - all credit to them!

What inspired the idea for your novel, and how long have you had the idea?

The announcement for the final Rooglewood Press fairy tale contest was my sole inspiration for The Seven Huntresses. You won't believe how excited I got after reading about it on a couple of the blogs I'd been following, all the way back on the 1st of June. My heart was literally pounding, it was such an awesome-sounding opportunity!

I think I was doing dishes when I got the idea for my Snow White retelling. As a matter of fact, I did most of my initial brainstorming while doing the dishes. My little sisters would dry as I washed, and I'd be going on and on, spewing forth about the story until I blurted new ideas in ecstasy. 

My sisters didn't say much, but they still participated in the brainstorming by hearing me out. So thank you, sisters. <3     

Describe what your novel is about! 

Well, I'm too lazy to try to whip up a blurb - and it wouldn't be decent anyway - but the story is about seven huntresses appointed by the king of Cilin to keep watch over the dwarves, who came to stay deep in the forest after dragons drove them from their mountain settlement. 

Ayla, the POV character and one of the seven Royal Huntresses, has been terrified of the dwarves for as long as she can remember. When Ayla saves the prince of Cilin from an assassin, she realizes that he - and therefore Cilin - is in danger... 

Trying to protect him for a single night under their care proves to be much more difficult than the Huntresses anticipated.

Note the format, please. This is not a blurb. If it were a blurb, it would be very, very messy, but thank goodness it's not.

What is your book’s aesthetic? Use words or photos or whatever you like!

lazy snowflakes // a whizzing arrow // sharp winter cold

manipulation // loyalty // amnesia // duplication

hollow tree // white-blond hair // inky blackness

Introduce us to each of your characters!

Well, my MC is a Huntress named Ayla, and the biggest things about her are 1) she's terrified of the dwarves, and 2) she couldn't be more loyal to the king and his heir, Casimir. She looks a lot like this:

I also have a prince named Casimir, a troubled boy with a lot on his plate. But he still takes the time to smile, and he's quick-thinking. He looks a lot like this (unfortunately, though, he can't fly):

Then there are my six other Huntresses. There's a Huntress who always scowls, and a Huntress with a scar down her cheek. We have the oldest and calmest Huntress of the bunch, and the youngest and most energetic. They're a varied mix. :D

How do you prepare to write? (Outline, research, stocking up on chocolate, howling, etc.?)

I make sure my glass of water is nearby and hope for zero interruptions. Sometimes I eat Whale crackers. Most often I procrastinate - though with this frightening deadline staring me down, procrastinating hasn't been much of a problem lately...

Howling? More like groaning. Or laughing. It depends on my mood.

What are you most looking forward to about this novel?

I look forward to finally finishing up all the edits, formatting it correctly (including figuring out the best chapter breaks), and sending the manuscript to the Rooglewood judges. That's going to be exciting! And nerve-racking. Very nerve-racking...

It's not like editing hasn't been fun. No, no, no! Editing has been such an epic time. I have loved this beautification process soooooo much. I'd never even really edited at all before this project, and so it's been a new experience. Just... YES.

List 3 things about your novel’s setting.

1) Wintery. Snowy.
2) A cave. And trees. *cough*
3) Underground tunnels

Although, I guess that would technically be five things...

What’s your character’s goal and who (or what) stands in the way?

Ayla's goal - the goal of all the Huntresses - is to protect the prince. For one night! But a lot happens in one night, and it ends up taking a bit longer than that. xD

As for the antagonist, she's a she. And... she's evil. *cough*

How does your protagonist change by the end of the novel?

*sigh* I'm going to give the same answer as 95% of most bloggers who did this Beautiful Books edition.

I shall not say, because SPOILERS.

What are your book’s themes? How do you want readers to feel when the story is over?

My main themes are Loyalty, Fear, and Friendship.  I want my readers to feel like they've been tricked so many times, but now everything is okay. I want my readers to feel encouraged that sometimes things aren't as bad as they seem.

It might be fun if I wrapped up this post with a snippet. What do you think?


“You should stay with us.” The words spilled out of me like a waterfall. It would only be a matter of time before I said something I regretted. “Let us protect you tonight. In the morning, some of us could scout for you. We can ensure that your return to the castle is secure.” I added hastily, “If you wish it, Your Highness.”

“Stay with the Huntresses?” Prince Casimir repeated. I imagined his thoughts turning like a waterwheel as he considered my offer.

“I remember the archery contest,” he finally answered, his voice tight as if he couldn’t spare even a few seconds of reminiscing. “My father chose the best archers I have ever seen. I would be safe with you. But I can’t stay in these woods forever."


Are you entering the Rooglewood contest? If so, how goes the story?
And if you're doing NaNo... how is your sanity, my friend? I'm concerned for you. xD
Talk to me in the comments!

The Lord's Truly,
Lila Kims <3

Friday, November 10, 2017

The Literary Dinner Party Tag

I was tagged by Penny @ The Aspirations of a Teen Writer to do the Literary Dinner Party Tag. It was created by NEHOMAS2 on YouTube - all credit to her for this idea!

For this tag, I get to play hostess and invite eleven book characters to a dinner get-together. It's going to be like a Mad Hatter-esque tea party, except we'll eat pizza and ice cream and drink fruit punch. We're also going to make so much noise that any proper lady or gentleman will want to get the heck out of there... and ultimately be scarred for life.

Yes, it's going to be that crazy. It's going to be that much fun! :D Let's just hope I don't end up inviting any proper lady or gentleman character.

 But we'll see what happens.


The first character to come to mind is Cath from Heartless. She's more of a baker than a cook, but I've come to the realization that this party wouldn't be complete without her scrumptious lemon tarts.


Image result for cinder marissa meyer

Prince Kai from The Lunar Chronicles is royalty, so of course he has the money to fund it. 

And I like how this question assumes I'm broke and can't fund the party myself.

Which... would be correct.


You expect me to pick one??? That's just cruel.

Zachary Goode is a teenage spy with a bunch of secrets, and I can imagine him possibly causing a scene. 

Image result for gallagher girls book 2

Besides, I can't not invite Zach! He's amazing. <3


Image result for the false prince

Sage from The False Prince. I don't think I've read a more hilarious character than our trouble-making orphan. He's probably more likely to cause a scene than Zach is - Zach would probably be the one he'd pick a fight with, as a matter of fact - but Sage is funnier than Zach, so I had to put him here.


Image result for there you'll find me jenny b jones

Beckett Rush is a popular - and super social - actor in There You'll Find Me by Jenny B. Jones. It took me a moment to decide whether I should invite him or Jake Harrison from the Willow Falls series (they're a lot alike), but I have to go with Beckett.


Image result for winter marissa meyer

Levana would make this party very interesting. There will be mayhem, yes, and I might have to bury some bodies after the survivors go home, but "crazy" is this party's ideal, so Levana it is. I will try my best to keep her from making anyone cut off their own fingers.


Image result for my diary from the edge of the world

Mr. and Mrs. Lockwood from My Diary from the Edge of the World would be a fun addition to the party! Mrs. Lockwood will probably join in on all the ruckus and laughter, whereas Mr. Lockwood will devote his time to lecturing calmly about astronomy and meteorology to anyone who will listen.

Which will probably be no one. Poor Mr. Lockwood will be the odd one out.


How will I ever choose?


I'm going to go with Brianna from the Viking Quest series. Bree is a brave, inspiring heroine, and she can help Cath make food. (Yes, I'm not going to cook for my own dinner party. Fight me.) She'd probably also be fascinated by Mr. Lockwood's ramblings, so he won't be the odd one out after all! Everyone wins. :D

Image result for viking quest lois walfrid johnson


Image result for the runaway king jennifer a nielsen

Fink from The Runaway King comes to mind. He's definitely a bit of an under-appreciated character in The Ascendance Trilogy. And he would be a super fun addition to my dinner party! However, I'll have to warn everyone else not to wear any jewelry or bring anything of value that they wouldn't want to get stolen. :)

Chances are good he'll also bring his pet rat along, but animals don't count as guests, so it's all good.


Image result for peter pan j m barrie

The final invitation goes to the star of my favorite classic - Peter Pan! I think the party could use some more craziness, don't you? Peter will keep everyone lively, I can almost guarantee it. :D

The invitations are ready! Now all I have to do is mail them...

... and also send out some tags, because I would love to see some of you do this one. =)

Ivie @ Ivie Writes

Abi @ If You Give A Girl A Blog

Jem @ Jem Jones, Writer

No obligation to do it, of course. And anyone else who wishes to take it, go right ahead!

The Lord's Truly,
Lila Kims <3

What's your idea of the ideal dinner party? Let's talk in the comments! ^.^